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Organizational Development and

Talent Management

Cultural dysfunctions still emerge despite good leadership practices, effective systems, and other performance management processes in place. Even big companies and organizations are not immune to this.

Top 7 Warning Signs That Organizational Dysfunction Exists

  • Discussion and disagreement are stifled
  • A leader’s behavior is aggressive, withdrawing, devaluing, grandiose, or passive
  • Ongoing conflicts, recurring issues, and
    “elephants in the room”
  • Employee silos, excessive competitiveness, and lack of collaboration
  • Resistance, complaining, and negativity
  • Excessive fear, blaming, and adaptive behavior
  • Increasing absenteeism, stress leave, or turnover

Services Offered

Striving For Success in Kansas City, Missouri utilizes a brain-based approach to developing organizational efficiency and managing talent. Talk to us to discuss how we can help your company improve your behaviors and relationships.

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