Striving For Success

Who are you meant to be?​

Put yourself in the Driver’s Seat

We know development is not 'one-size-fits-all'. Finally a “user manual” for you with step-by-step instructions on how to stop getting in your own way based on your own brain's organization!

Most people believe that personal development is the same for everyone and look for guidance in popular books, videos, or seminars. We try things that sound good or that have been promoted well, but don’t really do anything to help us to break recurring patterns of behavior. Because of this, much of our development is trial and error. When something doesn’t work, we move on to something else. It’s a wonder we are able to develop at all using this approach.

Knowing your Striving Style eliminates the guesswork around major life choices, and enables you to make choices that will satisfy your predominant need. This includes choices around education, career, relationship, and family. It can save you from repeating unconscious patterns of dysfunctional behavior or making relationship choices that are not ultimately satisfying.

The SSPS helps you to chart a course for your development and identifies the activities and experiences that will leverage your whole brain’s capacity. Understanding your predominant need gives you the key to achieving your potential and recognizing when you are getting in your own way. When you understand your nature and needs, it makes it easier for you to consciously guide your own behavior and moves you in the direction in life that is most beneficial to you.

The Striving Styles Personality System provides a roadmap for becoming who you are meant to be. It gives you a diagram of how your brain is organized; it tells you what needs you must meet in order to feel psychologically secure and confident, and it gives you the building blocks for emotional development.

General Report for Your Style

Have you ever wondered what motivates you to do the things you do in life? Wonder why you behave in a particular way in situations or act the way you do in relationships? This report is your starting point; it is all about you and yourself-awareness.

The first step on your developmental roadmap. Learn about your Striving Style, including the innate talents and behaviors it uses to get its needs met, as well as its self-protective and self-actualizing behaviors. Order a General Report on your Striving Style today!

Leveraging Your Squad Report

Learn how to get your Squad working for you today! Understanding the role each Striving Style plays in your personality and how each improves and enhances the functioning of the others, is key to the fulfillment of your potential.

Once you understand your Striving Style and its predominant need, the next step is to learn how to leverage your Striving Style Squad. With the knowledge provided in this report, you will understand how your brain is organized and how it works most efficiently. You will learn how to shift gears when you need to, drawing on the strengths and abilities of the other members of your Squad, rather than only using your Predominant Style.

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