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Triple E Training Solutions

Non- Profit 

Let us make your Vision our Mission. ​ 

Mission Statement 

Provide quality, cost-effective training, designed to increase 

individual organizational productivity and enrichment. 

Recognize and provide opportunities that increase emotional IQ, 

and decrease social injustices.

Our Services

Organizational Management 

Triple E Training Solutions focus on helping your organization prioritize and execute metrics and strategic projects. Achieve greater business efficiencies and effectiveness. Our consultants work with your team to formulate a comprehensive business plan to improve service delivery and the organization’s key challenges.


Triple E Training Solutions customize coaching for your emp​loyees to included better decisions, clearer goals, and roles. Our coaching can increase self-awareness, create better relationships which increase teamwork, reduced conflict, and renewed organizational commitment. 


Triple E Training Solutions customize training development and delivery. Investing in your employees is essential to your organization’s success. Training helps keep employees engaged in their work and fosters long-term relationships.

Change Management 

Triple E Tr​aining Solutions help organizations

imple​ment change more effectively across the board, blending experience with education to produce unique solutions for every client. Our change management consultants create the perfect solution for your organization so your transition will lead to long-term success.


Start Your Change Today 

Board Members 

Michael McGill

Director / Training Manager 

Dr. Samantha T. Johnson 

Organizational Development

Gayle Jaynes

Marketing and Fundraising 

Sheryl D. Johnson


Kirsten Tapp

Education Director

Personal Statement 

Many non-profits with the best visions and missions collapse every year. That collapse does not only affect the organization but the community that relies on those services. A non-profit organization should not be limited by its business knowledge but allotted the resources to thrive. Let us help you move your organization to the next level with our Training, Change Management, Organizational Management, and Coaching Services.



Annual Halloween Fundraiser 

Triple E Training Solutions​

​Non- Pr​ofit

Let us make your Vision our Mission. ​ 

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