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Combining Various Disciplines To Learn More About Ourselves

If you are interested in exploring the Striving Styles Personality System and how it can help you, get in touch with us.

About the Striving Styles

Personality System

Bringing Out the Best in People

A revolutionary framework for achieving potential, the Striving Styles provides a step‐by‐step road map for human development. It integrates Carl Jung’s Theory of Personality Type with the Needs Theory, and emotional and social intelligence as well as the latest advances in neuroscience and brain development.

Its needs‐based approach to development allows leaders to learn why they behave the way they do and how to leverage their own brain’s organization in order to change their behavior and self‐actualize in any context.

Changing behavior is possible, but it’s not as easy as having an “aha moment” or receiving skills training, as these will not shift the reflexive, emotional, and instinctual parts of the brain.

We at Striving For Success in Kansas City, Missouri utilize an approach to coaching that focuses on helping individuals become aware of their nature, emotions, and how their brain is organized. This allows them to know how they process information and what gets in the way—fear, embarrassment, etc.—of trying new behaviors and shifting from unproductive reactions to other people and work situations.

Rather than looking at strengths and weaknesses, we target the unconscious patterns of behavior and emotions that typically get in the way of development and behavioral change despite the client’s best intentions. We help them leverage their full brain— developing their capacity, repatterning habits of mind—and harness their emotions in order to increase their effectiveness.

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