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3E Virtual Training –

“So Good You Can Touch It!”

For inquiries and other concerns, just give us a call.


Teachers are currently facing an unprecedented challenge, but their resolve, resilience, and commitment to their students are enduring and extraordinary. To support them in these trying times, we at Striving For Success in Kansas City, Missouri have created new Train-the-Educator Workshops.

We strive to equip teachers in providing high-quality, educational, engaging, enhanced, and enlightened
instruction in a virtual environment.

As talent-development professionals who are passionate about our craft, Train-the-Educator Workshops are some of our favorites to facilitate. Our training team has over 30 years of training experience plus over 40 years in the field of education.

The new Train-the-Educator Workshops are designed and dedicated to encouraging interaction, so if you are picturing lecture-based PowerPoint presentations, think again. With access to their own computers during a session, participants can expect to click, type, chat, and vote.

Like our in-person offerings, our virtual classroom courses are live sessions led by a training facilitator. For inquiries and other concerns, just give us a call.

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