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It's not just business; it's personal! We often think employee behavior should be rational and logical, just because they're at work. Developing employees, teams, and leaders require a humanistic, needs-based approach that focuses on harnessing their emotions, rather than controlling them, so they can maximize their potential.

The Striving Styles Personality System is a versatile and powerful tool that is of enormous benefit to human resource professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, teams, and employees alike. It quickly alleviates dysfunctions that often emerge on teams and in relationships at work. It expedites the development of individuals at all levels, shifting their behavior to align with the requirements of the organization and their role.

Unlike other personality assessments, the SSPS uses archetypes to represent each need which makes it highly useful for improving communication, team, and interpersonal relations. It gets people to be fully engaged in what they do and who they do it with because they are meeting their predominant needs.

Dynamic, Systemic Approach to Organizational Effectiveness

The Striving Styles Personality System helps leaders understand how personal dynamics can negatively impact the interpersonal, team, and organizational effectiveness. Rather than simply providing symptomatic relief, the SSPS provides insight into the actual issues and barriers to individual and organizational growth. It helps understand how dynamics can misalign and reduce the effectiveness of organizational systems, and lead to reduced performance. Most importantly, it provides a clear roadmap for change.

Leverage Employee Motivation

The SSPS provides insight into how to get employees to use their own energy and intrinsic motivation to achieve individual and organizational goals. It allows managers to stop focusing on what they need to do to get employees to give it their all; instead, engaging the hearts and minds of people so that they care enough to contribute.

Maximize Leader, Team and Employee Potential

Stop being at the mercy of unconscious impulses, emotions, and habits of mind that get in the way of achieving individual, team, and organizational potential. Learn about the powerful, innate needs that drive behavior and how to meet those needs in order for leaders, teams, and employees to develop. The Striving Styles Personality System provides you with a clear picture for selecting, developing, and engaging leaders and employees.

Achieve Your Entrepreneurial Potential

Discover your natural abilities and blind spots when building your business and identify barriers to your success. As an entrepreneur, knowing your Striving Style helps you understand the need that your business meets and identifies the stage in the growth of the business when it will no longer continue to meet that need. It will also give you insight into the Striving Styles that you will work best with and that will compliment your business and its culture.

Learn why the Striving Styles Personality System is the best way to fuel business growth. Integrate our unique assessment and development resources for leaders and employees or leverage the expertise of our behavioral change consultant.

Maximizing Leader Potential Report

Leadership development; the easiest part is knowing. As a leader do you want to understand your leadership behavior, inner impulses, attitudes, and goals? Understand the needs and motivations of your employees? Increase your effectiveness and satisfaction as a leader?

The information in this report will help deepen your understanding of the leadership style of each Striving Style, as well as how to help leaders to self-actualize and achieve their full potential. 

our Maximizing Leader Potential Report now!

It is an invaluable resource for any involved in selecting, managing or developing leaders.

Maximizing Employee Potential Report

Fully engaged and motivated employees are a necessity for the success of any business. Covering all eight Striving Styles, this comprehensive book is invaluable to anyone involved in selecting, managing, or developing employees, as it explains what drives behavior in employees and how to maximize their potential.

The Employee Profiles of each of the Styles helps managers and the employees understand individual talents, unique abilities, stressors, and needs.

Do you want to:

  • Improve the effectiveness of yourself and your employees?
  • Retain more employees and attract new talent to your organization 

  • Identify the predictable behaviors of your Style and those of others;

  • Understand the impact of your communication style on others;
  • Minimize frustration and delays by understanding different workplace priorities;
  • Build understanding between leaders and employees and much more...Improve the effectiveness of yourself and your employees?
  • Retain more employees and attract new talent to your organization 

Price $30.00

Brain-Based Behavioral Interview Guide

With our Brain-based Behavioral Interview Guide, we make it easy for you to avoid critical errors in the hiring process.

Currently, interviewing does not take into account the unique differences in personality and how the brain is hardwired to function. Integrating a brain-based approach allows greater insight into the mechanics of the candidate’s behavioral motivators and their intrinsic needs. For employers, this provides an opportunity to drill deeper into aligning candidates with the job and cultural norms. Brain-based behavioral interviewing helps you align your questions to the personality style of each of your candidates. Behavioral Interview questions that incorporate how the candidate’s brain is wired to perform go beyond cognitive interview questions and get to the real drivers of the candidate’s behavior.

The Striving Styles brings other dimensions of personality to Jung's eight psychological types. With this neuro-psychological framework, it is apparent what drives an employee's behavior and what they need to perform at their best. Using a brain-based approach to behavioral interviewing goes a long way to minimizing risk in the hiring process and helps you to build a successful onboarding strategy based on the needs of the candidate. 

With 185 pages, this extensive resource guide includes:

  • description of each of the 16 Types (Jung, MBTI) or Striving Style Squads
  • information on the best work environment, work style
  • description of the key behavioral challenges for each Type
  • behavioral questions for each of these challenges for each Type
  • extensive variety of behavior-based questions to choose from
  • directory of all the behavioral interview questions for each area of challenge

Price $30.00

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