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Basic Report

Now that you know who you are meant to be, learn about the types of careers that are best suited for you and the kind of environment that will support you to achieve your potential at work. reports are invaluable for anyone considering career options or wanting to make the most of their current job.

This report will help you to understand the elements of work that are most intrinsically satisfying versus those that are more likely to frustrate you. Build awareness of your career style, what motivates and how to get your predominant needs met through our career.

Using the information in this report, you can make choices that are most likely to move you in the direction of the career and future you desire.


Leverage the insight of brain organization, emotional drivers, and personality (Jung, MBTI®, and Striving Styles®) in your interviewing practices.

Currently, interviewing doesn’t take into account the unique differences in personality and how the brain is hardwired to function. Integrating a brain-based approach allows greater insight into the mechanics of the candidate’s behavioral motivators and their intrinsic need satisfiers and dissatisfiers. For employers, this provides an opportunity to drill deeper into aligning candidates with the job and cultural norms. Brain-based behavioral interviewing helps you align your questions to the personality style of each of your candidates. Behavioral Interview questions that incorporate how the candidate’s brain is wired to perform go beyond cognitive interview questions and get to the real drivers of the candidate’s behavior. With our Brain-based Behavioral Interview Guide, we make it easy for you to avoid critical errors in the hiring process. The Striving Styles brings other dimensions of personality to Jung's eight psychological types. With this neuro-psychological framework, it is apparent what drives an employee's behavior and what they need to perform at their best. Using a brain-based approach to behavioral interviewing goes a long way to minimizing risk in the hiring process and helps you to build a successful onboarding strategy based on the needs of the candidate.

185 pages, this extensive resource guide includes:

  • description of each of the 16 Types (Jung, MBTI) or Striving Style Squads
  • information on the best work environment, work style, satisfiers and dissatisfiers
  • description of the key behavioral challenges for each Type
  • behavioral questions for each of these challenges for each Type
  • extensive variety of behavior-based questions to choose from
  • directory of all the behavioral interview questions for each area of challenge

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