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Relationship Style Report

Want to know why you behave the way you do in relationships? Wonder why you keep running into the same emotional barriers to intimacy? Want to understand your partner, children, friends, and coworkers?

This report provides you with powerful insight into your Relationship Style and what you need to do to get your predominant need met. You will learn how your Style strives to get its needs met in relationships and daily life; what your need satisfiers and dissatisfiers in relationships will be, and how you are most likely to communicate, handle conflict, and approach romance and intimacy. The Relationship Style Report helps you understand how your Style behaves in relationships, both when self-actualizing, and when being self-protective. This information helps you choose the behaviors that are most likely to move you toward desired outcomes, so you can consciously shift to self-actualizing behaviors, negotiate to get your needs met, and stay connected to others! It also gives tips for the people you are in relationship with so that they know how to respond to you, and how to ensure your predominant need is satisfied.

Don't leave your happiness to chance. Get your relationship report and those of the people you are closest to.

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