Striving For Success

Who are you meant to be?​

SSPS Assessments

The first step towards realizing your potential and becoming who you are meant to be. Get powerful insight into what quadrant of your brain dominates, how emotions influence your bonding with others, the needs that must be met for you to feel psychologically secure, as well as how you behave or perceive you to behave.

It's four assessments in one! The Striving Styles Personality System offers the only assessment to combine:

  • Brain-based assessments that define what quadrant of the brain dominates and how you interpret the world.
  • Emotionally-based assessments that demonstrate how emotions influence behavior.
  • Psychologically-based assessments that identify the needs that must be met in order to feel psychologically secure.
  • Socially-based assessments that show how you behave and how others perceive you as behaving.

It provides you with an in-depth understanding of your own brain's organization and how to leverage its full capacity to achieve your potential.

Identify your Predominant Striving Style and your Striving Style Squad and learn about the predominant need that drives your behavior. The forced-choice questionnaire takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and provides you with a 26-page report on your Predominant Striving Style and Squad. It also includes your equivalent Jungian function results (e.g., Extraverted Feeling with Sensing) and personality type four-letter code (e.g., INTP).

Price $49.95

Learn about your child’s predominant need and Striving Style Squad with this assessment and report, specifically designed that parent more effectively. Questions relate to a child’s experiences and the comprehensive report includes a special section for your child to understand what it means. For children under 6, parents can complete the assessment based on their observations.

Price $49.95