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Fear Part 2

Posted on August 23, 2014 at 1:30 AM
But I Should Not Be Afraid


Most of the advice that you will receive about our
fears is how to control, deny, rationalize or
overcome them. The reality is that fear occurs
naturally, out of our conscious control. It is the
body’s warning system that there is a threat.

Often our fears are associated with past
experiences as our negative emotional memories
are stored in the brain. We tend to fear those
things that we have experienced that have caused
us pain and suffering in the past. We can tell
ourselves that we don’t feel things but the reality
is that we have pushed it so far out of our
awareness that we blindly keep going forward
despite being warned to the contrary.

We mistakenly believe our fear is not going to
return because we tell ourselves we should not be
afraid. We call ourselves names, tell ourselves we
are stupid for feeling afraid, all to no avail. We
need to have the experience of fear and then
figure out why we feel afraid. For example, if I
most fear embarrassment, I may reflect on what
the consequences are for feeling this. 
Why I am unable to tolerate the emotion? 
How do I live in my experience instead of fearing what I might

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As the stated about, fear is our body's automatic response when it senses a physical or emotional threat. Fear keeps us from being rash, acting without thought of the consequences. Fear only becomes a disadvantage when it starts to hinder us from taking action to become a better version of ourselves. It is okay to feel fear. Only when our fear becomes irrational does it negatively impact us. It can have long-term consequences like depression, fatigue and accelerated ageing. We know when fear has become debilitating. The key is having the courage to reach to get help in overcoming our fear.
Reply University Assignments
11:43 AM on July 27, 2019 
Very Good Question: Why I am unable to tolerate the emotion?

I contemplate just those emotions that make you feel despondent. Else you did not have any desire to control the emotions that make you feel glad. I wonder if there exist any individual who ace in controlling all his/her emotions. One thing is certain you can't control every one of your emotions however you can make in any event 51% lovely feelings. For your situation that number may be beneath 50% just in light of the fact that you are excessively reliant on the outside world. You have enabled outer exercises to choose what ought to occur inside you. I do concur we cannot control all the external mingled forces.
2:13 AM on August 12, 2019 
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Bradon says...
You have shared very valuable content.

Fear for me should never become a reason of our failures. We should not let it become our downfall because true success means being also able to overcome fears. I know that there are times when we feel so doubtful of what we are capable of but we need to make sure that after those moments, we will be able to get back on our tracks and become the best that we can be. Anyway, I would also like to thank you for discussing this kind of topic here in your article. This just actually made me feel so motivated to overcome the things that I am afraid the most. Your words are indeed encouraging and I am so happy because I have found your site.
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